Sexual offenses are definitely among the most serious types of criminal charges. The mere accusation of a sexual offense carries a significant stigma, and the prospect of being charged and going to trial on a sexual offense is understandably distressing.

As soon as someone believes they could be charged with a sexual offense, they should absolutely contact a trusted criminal defense attorney with experience and success fighting these types of charges.

There are many different types of sexual offenses, including rape, rape of a child, indecent assault and battery, indecent assault and battery on a child, assault with intent to rape, open and gross lewdness, possession of child pornography, distribution of child pornography, disseminating harmful matter to a minor, human trafficking, and many other charges.     

The courts typically treat sexual offense charges very seriously.  A person charged with a sexual offense needs to do everything legally possible to defeat these charges. If they do not, potential consequences may include lengthy prison sentences, probation terms with mandatory GPS monitoring, compulsory sex offender registration, and numerous additional obligations and prohibitions.

If you are accused of a sexual offense, your choice in lawyers is an extremely important decision.  Your lawyer must have the courage to stand up and fight for you in court. Your lawyer must be willing to face your accuser and challenge their credibility and accuracy.  Your lawyer must be willing to confront the police and prosecutors in court and challenge the conclusions of the government’s so-called “experts.”  In short, you need a dedicated, principled, hardworking lawyer who will fight for you from start to finish.

I have extensive experience in fighting and defeating sexual offense charges for my clients.

In a jury trial in Suffolk Superior Court, my client was charged with participating in an alleged “gang rape” of a fifteen year-old girl. He faced numerous counts of rape of a child, assault with intent to rape a child, and even witness intimidation.  At trial, I dismantled the prosecution’s case by challenging the credibility of their witnesses and undermining their supposedly conclusive DNA evidence.  My client was found NOT GUILTY of all charges.

In another jury trial in Suffolk Superior Court, my client was charged with raping and indecently assaulting a very young child, as well as showing her pornography.  At trial, I patiently and methodically took apart the prosecution’s case by revealing that the child had made contradictory claims in the past, and that even the child’s own siblings failed to witness what she claimed happened.  I also challenged the prosecution’s “expert” medical doctor and child psychologist who were hired in an attempt to bolster the prosecution’s case.  The client was found NOT GUILTY of numerous charges, and the prosecution was forced to DISMISS all of the remaining charges.

In another jury trial in Salem Superior Court, my client was charged with violently raping a woman who he had known for several years.  At trial, I successfully cross-examined the accuser and showed that her accusations grew more severe after she realized she might obtain immigration benefits if her claims were sufficiently serious. I also introduced medical records and other documentation concerning the accuser that undermined her accusations. The client was found NOT GUILTY of rape.

In a matter out of Boston, a woman accused my client of raping her after they met on a popular dating phone app. Prior to the client retaining me, the woman even obtained an emergency restraining order against the client.  After the client retained me, we successfully prevented the client from facing criminal charges by producing text messages suggesting that the woman fabricated her accusation because she suspected my client of dating other women. After we produced this evidence, the accuser, who obtained her own lawyer, agreed to vacate the restraining order.  The client was never charged with a crime.

These are just a few examples of cases where I have defeated sexual offense charges. I have successfully represented many more clients accused of sexual offenses and achieved numerous additional dismissals and not guilty verdicts.

If you or a loved one are charged with a sexual offense, contact me immediately.


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