There is really no doubt: homicide is among the most serious charges a person can face.  Without exception, someone charged with a homicide needs the best possible legal representation.  A successful homicide attorney must possess a unique blend of intelligence, passion, commitment, ability, and courage.  In a homicide, your lawyer must be ready to do everything legally possible to prepare the most effective defense and defeat the prosecution’s case.  Being a homicide lawyer is not for the timid or the tired, and I am certainly up to the task.

I am certified to accept murder cases in Massachusetts, and I have successfully represented clients accused of homicide on a private basis.

There are different types of homicide, including first-degree murder, second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, and motor vehicle homicide.  

No matter the type of homicide case, I will take an aggressive and sophisticated approach to defending my client against the charge.  

The defenses against homicide often depend on the circumstances.  If somebody else committed the crime, I will acquire and present every piece of evidence proving the identity of the true suspect.  If the death occurred in self-defense, I will show that the deceased person was the first-aggressor and that the client acted reasonably in the circumstances.  If the death was accidental, I will squarely confront the prosecution’s argument that the death was intentional or reckless.  If the incident occurred because of mental illness, I will collect all of the client’s treatment records and hire an expert to explain why the event actually occurred.

In any homicide case, I will thoroughly investigate the facts, file motions in court to improve our defense, consult with appropriate expert witnesses, and challenge the prosecution's case in every respect.

In a jury trial in Brockton Superior Court, I was hired to defend a client charged with motor vehicle homicide while intoxicated.  In defending my client, I prepared a defense that, rather than the client, the person who died was the actual cause of the accident resulting in death.  At trial we demonstrated that the deceased was drunk, speeding, swerving on the road, and ultimately responsible for the accident with the client.  I subpoenaed numerous witnesses who testified about the deceased’s intoxication and impaired driving.  Indeed, we made history in the case by securing immunity for defense witnesses, the first time a defense lawyer ever achieved immunity for defense witnesses in Massachusetts. (View Article)  At trial, I also called a video technology expert to testify about a surveillance video depicting the vehicles just before the crash.  His testimony conclusively proved that the deceased’s car was traveling faster and more dangerously than the client’s car before the accident.  The jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY on the charge of motor vehicle homicide.  

In a first-degree murder case in Middlesex Superior Court, I filed a motion to suppress (or throw out) the only identification of my client by an eyewitness.  At the hearing, the eyewitness testified over several days, and numerous police officers took the stand for the prosecution.  During the hearing, we showed that the eyewitness identification was faulty and unreliable.  The judge ultimately agreed and SUPPRESSED the identification.

In a first-degree murder case in Bristol Superior Court, I filed a motion to suppress my client’s recorded statement to police following his arrest.  In almost every case, a client should never speak to the police when under investigation; even if the client professes his innocence, the police can often use something in your statement against you.  In this case, I successfully argued that the police violated my client’s constitutional rights when they continued to question him after stated he no longer wished to speak.  The judge SUPPRESSED the recorded statement.

These are only some of my victories in homicide cases.

If you or somebody you love has been charged with a homicide of any kind, contact Attorney Grimaldi immediately.


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