Massachusetts has some of the strictest firearms laws in the country.  If convicted of gun charges, penalties can include lengthy mandatory minimum sentences in the house of correction or state prison.  Because of the significant potential consequences, a person charged with a gun offense must make every legal effort to avoid conviction.

Firearms charges come in various forms, including possession without a firearm identification card (FID), carrying without a license to carry (LTC), possession of a sawed-off shotgun, possession of a large-capacity weapon, or illegal distribution of firearms.  When combined with a drug or violent offense, the consequences for a firearms conviction can be even greater than usual.  A prior record for drug offenses or violent crimes can lead to a so-called Armed Career Criminal (ACC) sentencing enhancement, which dramatically raises the stakes of any firearms case.  

No matter the charge, the significant consequences attached to firearms convictions require excellent representation from an experienced attorney ready to fight all the charges.

I have significant experience defending clients accused of firearms charges.

At a jury trial in Suffolk Superior Court, I won a verdict of Not Guilty for my client indicted for possession of a firearm without an FID card, possession of ammunition without an FID card, carrying a loaded firearm, and assault with a dangerous weapon.  At trial, I successfully challenged the credibility of both civilian and police witnesses and won my client an acquittal.

In a case in Suffolk Superior Court, I successfully moved to suppress a sawed-off shotgun after proving that the Boston Police violated my client’s rights by searching the area around his home without a warrant.  The prosecution appealed the judge’s order; however, in a unanimous decision, the Supreme Judicial Court ruled that the motion judge was correct and affirmed suppression of the firearm evidence.  By winning the motion, my client avoided a significant mandatory minimum sentence and the case was dismissed.

In a case in Salem Superior Court, I successfully moved to suppress a large capacity ammunition clip (the kind used in an AK-47) by challenging claims by police that they possessed “probable cause” to obtain a search warrant for my client’s home.  After a hearing, the Court agreed with my argument that the police lacked sufficient information to justify the search warrant and ruled that the warrant should never have been granted.  The Court dismissed all charges against my client.

In a case in Chelsea District Court, I successfully moved to suppress a firearm seized by the police during a so-called stop-and-frisk of my client near his home.  At a hearing where numerous police officers testified, I convinced the motion judge that the police illegally searched my client without sufficient justification.  By winning the motion to suppress, all charges were dismissed.

In a shooting and firearms case in Suffolk Superior Court, I successfully moved to suppress my client’s statements to police.  The courtroom win led the prosecution to dramatically reduce the charges against my client.

In a case in Boston Municipal Court, I successfully won dismissal of firearm and ammunition charges, including an Armed Career Criminal (ACC) sentencing enhancement. After I filed my motion, the prosecution conceded to my argument and the judge dismissed all charges. 

These cases are just a sample of my victories in firearms cases.

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