A person charged with a federal crime needs to retain an attorney with strong experience in the federal system and a deep knowledge of federal law.  Federal cases are very different than state cases and often require skills and abilities unique to federal court.

Federal prosecutors, also known as the U.S. Attorney’s Office, typically investigate cases for a long time prior to bringing charges.  They use agents from the FBI, DEA, ATF, IRS, SEC, and other federal and state authorities to obtain search warrants, use wiretaps, conduct surveillance, enlist informants, and bring extensive resources to bear on their targets.  

If someone learns they are under federal investigation prior to being charged, they should retain a lawyer with federal experience immediately.   Federal prosecutors often use the grand jury as a way to conduct investigations into people or organizations under suspicion, and they frequently subpoena people they believe possess relevant information.  With the assistance of a qualified attorney, there are important ways in which a person under federal investigation can reduce the risk of being charged at a later date.

Once the case is brought to federal court, a lawyer must do everything legally possible to improve his client’s  chances at victory.  In addition to federal prison, a conviction in federal court can lead to permanent forfeiture of your home, car, cash, and other assets.  Since the Sentencing Guidelines often lead federal judges to impose harsh sentences, an experienced federal attorney must work every angle of your case to optimize your chances for success.

I have handled numerous cases in Federal Court in Boston, including cases alleging drug trafficking (heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, etc.), firearms offenses, conspiracy, racketeering (RICO), tax evasion, money laundering, and other charges.

In one federal case, I successfully prevented a client who was under investigation from being charged with drug trafficking. This crucial victory, which occurred before anybody was charged, spared the client significant stress, resources, and even his freedom.

In another federal case in which DEA agents used wiretaps, search warrants, and informants to build a drug distribution case against my client, I successfully secured probation for my client despite the probation department’s written request to the judge that my client serve federal prison time. With my assistance, the client remained free and walked out of the courthouse.

In another federal case involving over a dozen defendants, I won a client’s admission into a rare Court-supervised drug treatment program that dramatically reduced the client’s chances of imprisonment.

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