Computer technology is now widespread and commonplace.  Most people carry a smartphone as powerful as a computer around with them every day.  

As computer technology has grown more important to our lives, it has also grown more important to law enforcement.  Police aggressively investigate alleged “cybercrime” with increasing sophistication. Cybercrime can include charges relating to white-collar crime, identity theft, fraud, stalking, prostitution, child pornography, human trafficking, and many other charges.  Further, computer evidence is often relevant to cases that are not themselves cybercrimes, but nonetheless raise issues relating to today’s advanced technology.

I have successfully defended many clients accused of
computer and internet crimes.

In a case in Salem Superior Court, I represented a client accused of child pornography and related offenses.   As part of our defense, I hired a computer forensics expert who proved that the messages allegedly sent by my client were not contained on my client’s computer.   In the same case, I successfully moved to suppress (or throw out) evidence seized from my client’s social networking account.  Upon producing a conclusive report of our computer forensic findings, the Court dismissed the charges.

In a case in Suffolk Superior Court, I represented a client accused of child pornography offenses.  At a motion to dismiss hearing, I argued that the particular images at issue were not criminal in nature.  Over the objection of the prosecution, the Court dismissed the charges.

In a case alleging possession with intent to distribute narcotics, I filed a motion to suppress (or throw out) evidence that the police illegally obtained after searching my client’s cell phone without a warrant.  After a hearing in which the police officers who searched the phone were subpoenaed to testify, the Court allowed our motion and suppressed the evidence.  

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